Jet Pilot

Our measuring system JET PILOT is a datalogger able to record the drilling and injection parameters for the Jetgrouting technology (single and bi and triple fluids). Thanks at the new 10" touchscreen display with the new graphics, the rig operator will be able to easily check and controls all the parameters needed for a correct execution of the Jet columns.

The JET PILOT system, can show and store the following parameters:

> Drilling speed
> Drill depth
> Rotation torque hydraulic pressure
> Rotary rotation speed
> Infeed hydraulic pressure
> Air pressure, volume and flow
> Water pressure, volume and flow
> Mix pressure, volume and flow
> Mast inclination sensor
> Stop time
> Consumption


Toghether with the BOX ETHERNET, the JET PILOT allow our customer to monitor the datalogger from remote (on a smartphone or a PC). He can interact with the operator display and download the report data directly from the office. This option can also allow our Technician to connect and give a prompt remote assistance in case of need.

Using one digital output the system controls the step by step rising process automatically. The change rod phase can be managed manually or automatically. You can manage up to 4 different layer that can be programmed with different stop time and step size for the automatic rising phases.

JET PILOT can manage up to 4 pre-cutting phases before the final jetting one. It can even control the rotation during the jetting phase in order to obtain directional jetting.

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Installable sensors


> Level sensor mod. Universal
> Air flow rate/volume sensor
>Level sensor mod. Rolls
> Fluid pressure sensor (Air, Mixture, Oil)
>RPM sensor
>Mast inclination sensor
> Pressure regulator for automatic rod change
>Mixture flow rate/volume sensor
> Radio remote stroke counter

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