Tunnel drills vision

The TUNNEL-DRILLS-VISION system shows and stores the relative position of all the 6 movement of a tunnel machine. The system is also equipped with automatic movemnt control that let you re-position the tunnel machine in the exact position previously stored if you have to enter again into a previously drilled hole.



  The TUNNEL-DRILLS-VISION system shows and stores the absolute positions related to 4 elongation sensors (2 for the front side and 2 for the rear side) and 2 rotation sensors (front and rear) . These 6 positioning define the absolute position of the mast.

> Front Base Elongation
> Front Rotation
> Front Leg Elongation
> Rear Base Elongation
> Rear Rotation
> Rear Leg Elongation


The system is programmed to store up to 10 drilling position(each one composed of the 6 single position showed above). When you have to re-enter a previously stored hole, you can use the automatic repositioning option that will move each one of the 6 simple movements till it reaches the desired position so that you are perfectly re-allined to the previously drilled hole. The automatic movement control is realized with 12 digital outputs programmed to control the motion of each one of the six movements of the tullel machine (back and forward). The system supplies also two more digital output. the first one is a general movement enable signal, the second one is an alarm signal that tell to the operator that the machine is in an unsafe position. The precision and the speed of the repositioning is programmable by the operator changing some parameters in the setting page of the system. TUNNEL-DRILLS-VISION let you easily manage the hole list, editing delating or renaming each stored drill. All the position sensors are CAN-BUS sensors and are installed and sold by the machine manufacturer. The movement actuation is given as a digital signal. The interfaces of this command to the real movement of the machine is managed by the tunnel machine manufacturer cause it depends on the type of actuation the specific machine is using.