Iper PVP System TS

IPER PVP SYSTEM TS is a system for the measuring, storage and control in the soil consolidation process with concrete injections; the system can control up to a max. of 8 injectors. The system has the dual function of automatically controlling the injectors and of measuring/supplying the characteristic parameters by which the injection has been carried out for following static control analyses based on a color touch screen.

IPER PVP SYSTEM TS  controls and operates simultaneously up to 8 jet pumps; the management can be manual (START-STOP) or automatic according to the achieved limit of pressure or volume or to the Gin number previously set up. The system also allows to manage the switch from high to low pressure of each injector and the continuous adjustment of the injection instantaneous flow rate by controlling the proportional valve of the injector (if available).

IPER PVP SYSTEM TS  is equipped with a connector for the direct connection to a modem for the remote transfer of stored data, the programming of working parameters and the service of remote assistance.

The system measures and stores the following parameters for each injection:

> Mix Pressure
> Mix Flow
> Mix Volume
> Valve breakage pressure
> GIN number
> Maximum Pressure in low pressure phase
> Final Pressure

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Installable Sensors

> Flowmeter
> Mix Pressure Sensor

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