Jet Vision

JET VISION measurement system is a read-out and sensor device for the drilling and injection parameters used in mono-bi-tri flid Jet Grouting application.

JET VISION system can show and store the following parameters:

> Drilling speed
> Drill depth
> Rotation torque hydraulic pressure
> Device rotation speed
> Infeed hydraulic pressure
> Air pressure, volume and flow
> Water pressure, volume and flow
> Mix pressure, volume and flow
> Mast inclination sensor
> Stop time
> Consumption

Using one digital output the system controls the step by step rising process automatically. The change rod phase can be managed manually or automatically. You can manage up to 4 different layer that can be programmed with different stop time and step size for the automatic rising phases.

JET VISION can manage up to 4 pre-cutting phases before the final jetting one. It can even control the rotation during the jetting phase in order to obtain directional jetting.

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Installable sensors

> Level sensor mod. Universal
> Air flow rate/volume sensor
>Level sensor mod. Rolls
> Fluid pressure sensor (Air, Mixture, Oil)
>RPM sensor
>Mast inclination sensor
> Pressure regulator for automatic rod change
>Mixture flow rate/volume sensor
> Radio remote stroke counter

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