CFA Vision

CFA VISION is a new generation measures/read-out system applied to the technology of Continuous Flight Auger machines based on a 7 inches color display unit running Windows CE.


CFA VISION allows to display and store the following values:


> Hydraulic pressure of the auger rotation torque
> Auger rotation speed
> Auger advance speed
> Mast inclination (x- and y-axis)
> Drill depth > Graphic of the rod executed
> Pumped concrete volume
> Consumption instantaneous snapshot
> Pumped concrete pressure
> Concrete pressure graph
> Infeed pressure (Optional)
> Torque Pressure CSP (Optional)


The system allows for the automatic control of the propeller upwelling, dependent on the concrete volume pumped through an analog output. In addition, the system transmits and receives digital signals (1 input and 1 output) for the follow-up control of the automatic upwelling (e.g., signalling during the automatic upwelling phase and upwelling enabling).

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The Central Unit includes a software push-button to disable depth measuring when the excavating propeller is elongated or drawn back.

The wide color screen is a big advantage in the hard light condition where old backlight displays experience difficulties.





Installable sensors

> Level sensor mod. Universal
> Level sensor mod. Rolls
> Concrete pressure transducer (4”)
> Concrete pressure transducer (5”)”
> RPM sensor
> Mast inclination sensor