Fora Vision

Our measuring system FORA VISION system allows to display and measure the drilling parameters related to DAC TEST e nella piccola perforazione.

The system allows to measure and store the following parameters

> Device advance speed
> Drill depth
> Torque rotation (N*m and bar)
> Device rotation speed
> In-feed force (N and bar)
> Drilling fluid pressure
> Drilling fluid flow and volume
> Casing torque (bar)
> Rotary engine gear detection
> Specific destruction energy SED (J/m³)
> Mast inclination sensor

FORA VISION The system can be programmed to calculate the Drilling Energy parameter (SED) in real time during the perforation, starting from the single measured parameters. The Central Unit includes a push-button to disable depth measuring when the change of the drill rod is required.

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Installable Sensors

>Level sensor mod. Universal
>Level sensor mod. Rolls
> Fluid pressure sensor (Air, Mixture, Oil)
>RPM sensor
>Mast inclination sensor
> Air flow rate/volume sensor
> Pressure regulator for automatic rod change
> > Radio remote stroke counter
>Mixture flow rate/volume sensor

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