Geo View

Il Geo-View is a system used to measure and display the drilling depth and mast inclination. It can measure all these parameters or only a part of this. The display is made of ABS and uses a 3,5” color screen with 750 NIT. It is equipped with 5 function keys used to move from each screens and to program the sensors during the installation. It is IP66 protected in the front side and IP67 on the rear side. It can be powered with 12-24 VDC, and it can be installad stand-alone or inserted in a panel.

All the sensors supplied communicates using the CAN BUS technology. The display uses two Automotive connector placed in the rear side. The software can be upgraded or changed by using the USB slot on the rear. The display can be customized with customer logo in the hardware frame and/or in the welcome screen or in the working screen.


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