Environmental monitoring

With a higher sensitivity towards the natural environment and with the technology we have today, we have been persuaded to realize measures systems for the control and prevention of undesired and unexpected natural events and disasters. Under this perspective, Geo Misure designs, realizes and provides for monitoring systems for the control of physical and environmental parameters. These systems are aimed to carry out measures and acquisition of data, but also constant and remote monitoring, including the transmission of data and alerts or notices. The system are designed and realized to satisfy the specific needs of customers and are installed by our qualified technicians.
The installation and usage contexts are multiple:

• Monitoring of geophysical measures (landslide surveillance)
• Hydrometric monitoring (water courses level and flow control, fixed and recoverable piezometers)
• Meteorological monitoring (weather stations) Monitorin on instrumental poles
• Structural monitoring (building monitoring and alert systems for buildings subsiding or with structural movements)

    Installable Options

  • Measures or Measures/Alert Stystems:The above described monitoring systems are realized for the control of various measures and their variability in time, or to generate actions such as alarm signals in time, or to generate actions such as alarm signals or alerts based on instantaneous readings
  • Local Measures Systems or Telemetric Systems: These systems can acquire data locally and they must therefore be installed on site for the download of data, or they can include a tele-transmission device for the transfer of data via GSM or radio