PVP VISION is a system for the measurement and storage of the characteristic values during grouting operations; it can control one single injector. The system has the dual function of facilitating the Operator's selection during the operation and of supplying the characteristic values for the following static control operations.

The system allows to measure and store the following parameters

> Injected mixture pressure
> Injected mixture instantaneous flow rate
> Injected mixture volume
> Sheath breakage pressure
> Max. pressure in low pressure phase
> Final pressure

The control may be Manual (START and STOP) or Automatic dependent on the pressure or volume limit achieved or on the previously-defined GIN number. The system also controls the switch from the Low to the High Pressure for each injector and the proportional valve to define the injection flow. 

For each concrete injection, the system stores the name of the injection, the valve number and depth, the mixture type, the duration of the operation, the date and the time of the jet operation, as well as the number of the injector used, the default limit values (max. pressure, max. volume and GIN number), and the cause of the injection stop.

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Installable Sensors

> Flowmeter
> Mix Pressure Sensor

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