Geo Misure was born in 1994 as a company of services oriented to professionals, designing firms and enterprises for the execution of geotechnical and geophysics measures. The experience acquired during the years – together with the significant technological development pursued by the company – has allowed for a strong expansion and the creation of other business activities, in partnership with the industry leading companies at the national level.


Geo Misure has always an important role in the production activities related to Geotechnical and Geophysical Surveys and Services, but also in terms of equipment for foundations machinery and works, and systems of geophysical and environmental monitoring.

Our corporate Mission is primarily the customer care, which has led us in these years of activity to the introduction of a flexible corporate organization aimed to rapidly respond with expertise to all specific needs.

The attention for the customer does not limit itself to the service offering, but it also includes the postsale period; this has lead the company to structure itself in an optimal way in order to offer an adequate service of installation and postsales service.

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