The Geo-MIX measures system allows to display and measure the drilling and injection parameters operating in the execution of soil-mixing and turbo-jet processes.

Allows to display and store the following values:

> Hydraulic pressure of the device rotation torque
> Device rotation speed
> Device advance speed
> Mast inclination (x- and y-axis)
> Excavation depth
> K constant graph (mixture volume per meter)
> Injected mixture flow rate/volume
> K constant instantaneous rate (mixture volume per meter)
> Injected mixture pressure
> Infeed pressure (Optional)
> Mixture instantaneous flow rate

The system can automaticly control the device upwelling speed depending on the K constant (injected mixture quantity per meter) or on the constant speed of the device drawing speed. In addition, the system transmits and receives digital signals (1 input and 1 output) for the follow-up control of the automatic upwelling (e.g., signalling during the automatic upwelling phase and upwelling enabling). The Central Unit includes a push-button to disable depth measuring when the excavating propeller is elongated or drawn back.


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Installable Sensors

> Depth sensor mod. Universal
> Depth sensor mod. Rolls
> Mix pressure sensor
> Mix flow rate/volume sensor
> RPM sensor
> Mast inclination sensor